4.5kg ABE Fire Extinguisher Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket Truck Cannon Style


This Powder Coated black steel fire extinguisher bracket features a quick release handle to hold your fire extinguishers securely.   

The security pin is designed to prevent the latch from accidentally releasing as well as giving a visual indication of tampering. The Black Powder Coated finish allows this bracket to be used in exposed outdoor environments.


The bracket has 4 x 10mm mounting holes, foam strips and back supports to reduce rubbing and vibration noise.



To Suit Fire Extinguisher: 4.5kg ABE

Includes Bracket, retaining strap, over centre latch and security pin

Material: Mild steel

Appearance: Black Powder Coasted


- Width: 150mm

- Height: 300mm

- Depth: 190mm

- Weight: 4.1kg

4.5kg ABE Fire Extinguisher Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket Cannon Style


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