Bore Water Pump Surface Mount Self Priming 750w 1hp 20mtr Suction AUTO JETDP750


The AUTO JETDP750 Pump is designed to be installed at the top of the bore or well. They have 2 pipes attached with a Venturi at the bottom. One pipe pushes water down to the venturi (with injectors) which forces water up the other pipe to the surface which is why these pumps need to be primed at all times. So a foot valve is very important and supplied with this pump. They must not be subjected to more than 30 starts per hour at regular intervals




AUTO JETDP750 Self Priming pumps can be used to pump water from Deep Wells or Bore up to 20m in depth, Long Suction Lines from tank to pump, Draw water from Dams, Creeks and Rivers and can be used for Irrigation, Tank Filling or Transferring water.

The Auto Jet Pump and can be set up to supply the whole house from a bore or well. If you can match the flow of the bore to the output of the pump you could run the Jet Pump all day, every day, without any problems of it running dry.


JETDP Self-Priming Pump, P30 Injector, Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge, 3-way Tee, Venturi Kit Supplied with this Listing as per First Photo. Pressure switch and Pressure Gauge come pre-installed on the JETDP pump.


(19 Litre Pressure Tank/Vessel can be supplied at extra cost)


  • Pump Body: Cast Iron
  • P30 Injector Kit
  • Shaft: Carbon Steel AISI 1045
  • Impeller: Brass
  • Motor: Closed, externally ventilated
  • Head Max: 50 Meter
  • Suction. Lift Max: 20 Meter
  • Q.Max: 50 Litres/Minute
  • Motor: 1hp-750w
  • 1 Meter 3pin Australian power cable
  • Insulation Class: B
  • Protection Class: IP44
  • Thermal Protected
  • Duty: Continuously rated
  • Mechanical Seal: ceramic steatite/ metalized carbon
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 10 Bar/ 1000KPA
  • 25mm (1 inch) Threaded Outlet
  • 25mm (1 inch) Threaded Return to Venturi
  • 32mm (1/4 inch)Threaded  Inlet
  • Pressure Switch Square D 9013FS: Pre Set
  • Pressure Sensor Type: Electromechanical Pressure Switch
  • Pressure Sensor Size: 65psi (5…45psi)
  • Valve of Setting: 20...40psi
  • Electrical Circuit Type: Power Circuit
  • Product Specific Application: Control Electrically Driven Water Pumps
  • Controlled Fluid: Clean Water (-30…125c
  • Adjustable Range on Rising Pressure: 20…65psi
  • Approximate Adjustable Differential: 15…30psi
  • Destruction Pressure: 220psi
  • Pressure Actuator: Diaphragm

Bore Water Pump Surface Mount Self Priming 750w 1hp 20mtr Suction AUTO JETDP750

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