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Brass Ball Valve Lockable  


Ball valve is AGA Approved and can be used for low to medium Gas Applications, Water And Oil.
LICENCE: Australian Gas association AGA 6017
  • Body: Brass Nickle plated
  • Seat Retainer: Brass Nickle Plated
  • Seat: P.T.F.E
  • Ball: Brass Chromium Plated
  • Stem Brass
  • Gland: Brass
  • Packing Viton Double O-Ring
  • Thread: AS1722.1   20mm (3/4 inch) 
  • Lever Lockable Handle: Stainless Steel plastic coated
  • Lever Retaining nut: Brass Nickle Plated
  • Max Working Temp: 150deg C
  • Cold Working Pressure: 2500kpa
  • Pad lock not included.

Brass Ball Valve Lockable Gas Water Oil

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