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Brass Swing Check Valve Non Return Valve


  • Swing Check valves are used where the flow moves through the valve in approximately a straight line similar to that in a gate valve, which is commonly used in pipelines conveying liquids by gravity or pumping.
  • The check mechanism of the design incorporates a disc that swings on a hinge.


Brass Swing Check Valve can be fitted in Horizontal position.
Suitable for Hot/Cold water, Oils.


  • Body: Brass 
  • Bonnet: Brass
  • Hinge Nut: Brass
  • Thread: AS 1722.1
  • Sizes: 15mm 1/2", 20mm 3/4", 25mm 1", 32mm 1 1/4", 40mm 1 1/2", 50mm 2", 65mm 2 1/2",   80mm 3", 100mm 4".
  • Max Working Temp:  200 deg C
  • Working Pressure: 1380kpa

Brass Swing Check Valve Non Return

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